Proctor Family Geaneology

Proctor Family Genealogy


William Fash Proctor

Follow the link below to a chart that shows all the ancestors and descendants of William Fash Proctor. It shows our relationships, as cousins and, as such, it reveals none of the Brown, Richardson, Schieffelin, and Singer families' genealogy. It includes the siblings of William Ross Proctor and their descendants. This is a very wide chart as it blossoms out towards the bottom, so be prepared to scroll to the right and left to see everyone. As you scroll down past William Ross Proctor you will come to your grandparents and parents.

Notice also that William F. Proctor and William R. Proctor both married Singers, although the Singer families were not related.

One of many significant persons on this chart is Captain Samuel Wadsworth who was killed in Sudbury, MA in 1676 during King Philip's war, the most significant Native American conflict with the English in New England.

This chart will open in a PDF file so you must have Adobe Acrobat on your computer to view it. Be sure to zoom in to 100% so you can read the names.

Ancestors and Descendants of William Fash Proctor

The chart below is easier to read, because it excludes WRP's siblings.

Ancestors and Descendants of William Ross Proctor

GWB WSB 1907

Gertrude Williams Brown, Willard Stanbury Brown, 1907

The chart linked below is huge. It includes the Brown family, much of the two Singer families and some of the Richardson and Schieffelin families. Be prepared for a lot of scrolling around with this one.

Brown, Proctor, Richardson, Schieffelin and Singer Genealogy

This chart shows that the Richardsons married the Browns and the Proctors in successive generations. Franklin Stanton Richardson married Caro Quartly Brown in 1913. Their son Derek Richardson married Barbara Proctor in 1940. Vernon Brown had married Vouletti Proctor in 1921.

Significant in the ancestry of both the Browns and the Richardsons (after they married the Browns) are John Howland and Jennifer Tilley, both survivors of the Mayflower passenger's brutal first winter in 1620/1621. John Howland was pitched overboard during the voyage across the Atlantic on the Mayflower. None of the present day Browns, or Richardsons would be here among us if he had not been pulled back on board by a top sail halyard trailing the ship that he managed to grab onto in the water.

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